Braille Translator

About BrailleTranslator

When it comes to the realm of digital imagery, braille stands tall as a prominent provider of free online image tools. Our mission revolves around making image processing a seamless and expeditious experience. By leveraging our array of online tools such as the image compressor and image resizer, users can effortlessly manipulate their images. The best part? Our services come without any monetary burden. There are no charges imposed for utilizing our tools, and registration is not a prerequisite for accessing our services or downloading the edited images. Simply visit our website, and within a matter of seconds, compress, resize, or perform a myriad of other functions.

The Fortifications of Technology

To realize our vision, we have employed cutting-edge technologies that empower our platform with efficiency and swiftness. On the frontend, we rely on fundamental HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. As for the backend, we harness the prowess of PHP7 and MYSQL. We have abstained from incorporating superfluous libraries, prioritizing simplicity and cleanliness of code, which culminates in a streamlined user experience.

Embracing Liberation: Free of Charge

At braille, our services are unreservedly free. No obligations of purchasing subscriptions or undergoing arduous registration procedures hinder the utilization of our platform. We have painstakingly crafted an interface that exudes simplicity and alacrity. This extraordinary service is a treasure worth sharing with your peers.

Boundaries of Compression and Resizing

In the initial iteration of our image compressor, we have imposed certain limitations to maintain optimal server performance. Each file upload is restricted to a maximum of 20 files, with individual file sizes capped at 10MG. Fear not, for you can initiate the image processing cycle for these 20 files repeatedly, should the need arise. We have instituted these boundaries to alleviate server strain, though it is within our purview to expand these limits in the future.

The Developers Behind braille

Braille inception is attributed to a proficient team of developers hailing from Devaxe. If you aspire to materialize your own websites or applications, our team stands ready to offer their expertise and assistance. Reach out to us, and together, we can actualize your digital ambitions.